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flatbed trailer

flatbed trailer

Description: Also called flatbed, is a trailer having an open body in the form of a platform without sides or stakes.
Related terms: flatbed truck
History: OUR MISSION To be North America’s best company in the design, manufacture sales and service of st
Background: MORE THAN 40 YEARS OF HISTORY AND EXPERIENCE. CONTINUAL PROGRESS... 1966 Manac Inc. is founded in Saint-Georges, Quebec. The company operates in a barn behind the house of founder Marcel Dutil. Eleven units are manufactured that year. 1972 Manac Inc. acquires Canam Steel, and the Canam Manac Group is formed. 1974 Manac opens its first sales office and service center in Boucherville. 1977 Manac starts manufacturing its first FRP van. 1982 Manac manufactures its first galvanized-steel van. 1986 Manac designs and builds its first aluminum van. 1989 Manac launches two innovative products: soft-sider platforms and chip semitrailers equipped with steel walls. 1991 Manac manufactures its first combo (steel and aluminum) flatbed. 1994 Manac inaugurates its Orangeville, ON plant. This 138,000-square-foot facility will manufacture standard dry vans for the North American market. 2000 Manac launches its first all-aluminum flatbed, becoming the only semitrailer manufacturer to offer a complete line of platform trailers: steel model, combo (steel & aluminum) and all-aluminum models. Manac acquires the Canadian assets of semitrailer manufacturer Kalyn-Siebert, a 100,000 square-foot plant and Fabrex™ Intellectual property as well. Manac opens a new sales office and service center in Mississauga, Ontario. The new facility is located in the heart of the Ontario Transportation Center. 2002 Manac acquires the assets of semitrailer manufacturer CPS Trailers Inc. in Oran, MO. This is Manac’s first plant in the US. 2004 The Canam Manac Group Inc. announces its decision to focus on construction activities and to sell off its semitrailer division. Manac Inc., a private company, is formed to buy the assets of the semitrailer division. 2006 Manac marks its fortieth anniversary by holding a day of activities for all Manac employees at the Saint-Georges plant. 2007 Manac opens its second US plant in Kennett, MO. 2009 Manac purchases Trailmobile Canada and Trailmobile Corp™ intellectual property, tooling and raw materials. 2011 Manac acquires the assets and intellectual property of Liddell Canada. 2012 Manac is ranked #7 in North America for trailer production. Manac outperforms all North American semitrailer manufacturers in Underride Guard Crash Tests conducted by IIHS on dry vans. 2013 Manac completes its IPO, the company’s shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under symbol TSX: MA. 2014 Manac acquires Peerless Limited from McCoy Corporation.
Overview: Whatever the road! These are three words that define Manac’s unique approach. Whatever the road, we will design and manufacture a semitrailer tailored to meet your specific needs, one that will take you even further and carry even more than you ever imagined. Whatever the road, a seasoned multidisciplinary team is always available to listen to you and to facilitate your operations. Whatever the road, wherever it takes you across North America, you can always count on our support and after-sales service staff to get you where you want to go. Whatever the road, our more than 40 years of expertise and know-how guarantee that you will always get more for your money. Welcome to our web site. Whatever the road… We’ll be there!
Links: Brochure: http://www.manac.ca/s_data/doc/flyer_steel_flatbeds.pdf

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