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Acceptance Testing Used when a new product is being purchased. Usually is a set of tests done on a product in order to assess if the produc ...
Accounts Payable (AP) The division of a company that verifies the payment of services rendered and products bought from merchants. ...
Accounts Receivable (AR) The division of a company that is responsible for the money due for services or merchandise purchased on credit. ...
Act of God An unavoidable natural disaster such as fires, earthquakes, floods or any other natural event that might result in major ...
Activity Based Costing (ABC) A method of accounting that captures the costs of all activities performed by a company. ...Activity Based Pricing (ABP)
Activity Based Pricing (ABP) A pricing system that is used to capture and calculate the prices that shold be assigned to individual processes or serv ...Activity Based Costing (ABC)
Address (ADDR) This abbreviation is commonly used as the term "address." ...
Adjustment (ADJ) Common abbreviation meaning "adjustment." Adaption to a particular condition, position or purpose. ...
Advance Planning and Scheduling (APS) A mechanism to model supplier capacity, profiles, and products. ...
Algorithm An equation to solve problems. ...
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